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Come, young child.
Come and listen to this upsetting story.
It was about a man of ice who once smiled
But shed his life’s tears for his life’s glory.
The ice man was born
In the land between earth and fire.
It was there he had sworn
That equality he would inspire.
So he went to the land between earth and air
With family and friends
And this is where
His time of happiness ends.
Hunters came and set fire to their camp.
They feared the settlers.
The ground became damp
With the blood of the residents of the shelters.
Only the ice man survived
But he found himself alone.
Now that love was deprived
He could only listen to the wind that had blown.
A woman came by
With a basket in hand
And heard the ice man cry
And removed him from the land.
She nursed the man to health
Because she couldn’t let him die.
She hid him with stealth
And protected him with every lie.
Soon the man fell for the woman.
And she felt the same way.
They saw each other as human
In every little way.
One day the man was found
And the woman was put to trial.
The whole town was rebound;
Torn with denial.
They would say
“Why fall in love with a creature as the man?”
The sky went gray
And the ice man’s torture began.
The woman made up a plan
Where she would stay
And the ice man
Will safely run away.
The man rejected.
He wanted her to come with him.
The woman objected
With her face looking grim.
She forced him to run
So she can take his fate.
It was easier said than done,
But she ended the debate.
The man escaped
While the woman remained.
In darkness he was draped
With memories retained.
When the news of her death came out
So did the ice man’s tears.
His wail came as a spout
That was remembered throughout the years.
He secluded himself in an abandoned quarry
Where he would live in solitude.
It was there he wrote this story
Under heavy silence.

This poem was partially inspired by Dr. Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series. What interested me about this character is that he knew what love felt like only to lose it all in an accident. Since then he has been forced to live life in emotionless solitude in the Arkham Asylum(At least in the end of "Heart of Ice".). What is it with me, solitary men, and villains? :/

Ode (c) Howler from ForestHowler

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Submitted on
January 6, 2014


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